Wat Chai Thararam, also known as Wat Chalong, is a prominent temple in Phuket with a long history. Located in Chalong sub-district, Mueang Phuket, approximately 8 kilometers from Phuket town, the name Wat Chalong was mentioned in the records of King Rama III and later bestowed by King Rama V, who named it “Wat Chai Thararam,” referring to the victorious or triumphant temple. 

The temple has undergone renovations, and its new ubosot (ordination hall) features modern and beautiful architecture.

Luang Por Chaem, Wat Chalong

Luang Por Chaem, also known as Phra Kru Wisutthi Wongsa Charn Yarnmunee, is a revered monk in Phuket known for his expertise in traditional Thai medicine and healing bone fractures. Even after his passing, Luang Por Chaem remains a spiritual center for the people of Phuket. During the uprising against the Angyee Rebellion, Luang Por Chaem handed out white cloth to the villagers to wrap around their heads, offering encouragement and strength. King Rama V recognized his contributions and posthumously bestowed the title “Phra Kru Wisutthi Wongsa Charn Yarnmunee” and designated him as the highest-ranking monk in Phuket. To this day, Luang Por Chaem continues to be a focal point for the community.

Luang Por Chaem Replica House

The Luang Por Chaem Replica House is a raised Thai-style wooden pavilion honoring three revered monks: Luang Por Chaem, Luang Por Chuang, and Luang Por Gluam – the former abbots of Wat Chalong. The house displays artifacts and ancient items associated with the revered monks.

Phra Mahathart Chedi, Phra Jom Thai Baramee Prakat

The Phra Mahathart Chedi, Phra Jom Thai Baramee Prakat, located within Wat Chalong compound, was established between 1998 and 2001. It houses the relics of Lord Buddha, which were originally in the stupa of the ancient city of Anurathpura, former capital of Sri Lanka. 

The abbot of Sambodhiviharn Temple in Sri Lanka presented these relics to Thailand, and they were enshrined in this chedi to allow people to pay their respects. The first floor of the chedi features beautiful Buddha images, while the top floor is the shrine for the sacred relics. 

The exterior of the stupa includes a balcony for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings.

Open daily from 08.00 – 17.00 h.

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/mzqJZCFJ82r6sjvNA