Phuket – February 5, 2024, Mr. Saroj Angkanapilas, Phuket City Mayor, along with Mr. Lertchai Wangtrakuldee, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Phuket Office, Mrs. Rachadaporn O-in, Director of Phuket Tourism and Sports Office, Mr. Pichaiyut Singsahai, Director of Phuket Cultural Affairs, Phuket Municipality, and representatives from both public and private sectors, jointly announced the Phuket Chinese New Year Festival (3rd Luna Month) for the year 2024, scheduled to take place from February 15 to 17 in the Old Town area of Phuket.

The highlights of the 8 checkpoints within the event are as follows: 1) The Silver Chinese Money Bag at the Queen Sirikit 72nd Anniversary Park (Dragon Park), 2) The Golden Dragon on Thalang Road, 3) The Lion Head at the Phuket Peranakan Museum, 4) The Lanterns at House No. 63, Tourist Information Center, 5) The Lion Mask at Phuket Thai Hua Museum, 6) The Chinese Dragon Lanterns at Phang Nga Road (Worasit Bridge), 7) The Chinese New Year Inflatable Dolls at the front of the On-On Hotel, and 8) The Lanterns, another group of lanterns extending from Checkpoint 4.

The Phuket Chinese New Year Festival (3rd Luna Month) is an ongoing event that has been continuously successful due to the active participation of the community, particularly those residing in the Phuket Old Town area. For this year, Phuket City Municipality will organize the event under the theme ‘Phuket Festival 2024: Multi-Dimensional Happiness,’ which promises hidden surprises at various points within the festival grounds for visitors to discover. Participants can obtain a Passport to Check-in at designated checkpoints to take photos and get check-in stamps.

If all 8 checkpoints are completed, participants can join in activities such as plaster fish painting and bag painting, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression with the charming and enchanting local culture of Phuket, truly living up to the slogan ‘Discover Phuket by Phuket Municipality.

And another highlight presented on a grand scale is the ‘Dragon Lantern Tunnel,’ which stretches over 40 meters along Phuket Road from the water intersection to the area near the Standard Chartered Bank. Additionally, there is the activity of ‘Lighting the Red Candle’ to enhance auspiciousness and good fortune at the Dragon Park area. There are also various stage performances showcasing local culture, children’s and youth performances, totaling up to 7 stages.

Within the event, there will also be cultural food promotion activities, featuring selected products and dishes from well-curated shops. There will be designated areas for showcasing products and food, divided into 6 locations, totaling over 432 shops.

In addition, there will be the Phuket Festival 2024 parade, featuring beautifully crafted and creative floats by people of all ages, showcasing the participation of children, youth, and adults, totaling no less than 300 participants.

The organization of Phuket Chinese New Year Festival (3rd Luna Month) in 2024 or ‘Phuket Festival 2024’ is an event of significance both in the past and present, involving both the older and younger generations. It serves as a platform for fostering connections and unity, creating a sense of pride and identity, passing down traditions from generation to generation, and collectively owning and reflecting on Phuket’s heritage.

The Phuket Municipality has arranged parking spaces at 9 locations, along with free shuttle services (shuttle service available from 18:00 to 23:00), as follows: Kajonrangsan Temple, Mongkol Nimit Temple, Sanam Chai Field, Wichit Sangkaram Temple, Vacant space opposite Phuket Post Office, Pearl Hotel Phuket, Vacant space next to Mei Jo Hostel, Phuket 3D Museum and Dang Plaza Hotel.

News and photos: Phuket Provincial Public Relation Office