Phuket, 21 March 2024 – Providing with Accurate Advice and Facilitating foreign tourist investors in trade and investment on legal regulation basis, supporting and coordinating them with Local Government Agencies, hoping to be a Prototype “One Stop Service” model on Phuket Island.

During the Grand Opening Launch of Phuket Privilege Card Company (PPC) held on March 21st, 2024 at Ramada Wyndham, Chao Fa Muang, in a speech given by Executive Chairman Khun Thanusak Phungdet confirmed that Phuket is a Province with high potential having an increase in both economic and tourism growth yearly along with tremendous development in every dimension, resulting in a potential investment attracting many Thai and Foreign businessmen from all around the world.

In the past, there has never been a Comprehensive Service Center running under a Private Sector or a One Stop Service Center managed by a Private Sector that can provide a Quick with Efficiency Convenience Service along with Accuracy.

Therefore, Phuket Privilege Card Company Limited or PPC was established by Thai entrepreneurs, members of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce (PCC), with a purpose in making the company as a Center in Serving Foreign Investors who are eager and interested in trade and investing, providing them with accurate Legal Advice, with efficiency, convenience along in coordinating them with Government Agencies, State Enterprises, Local Government Organizations concerning business and investment. Also, an E- Newsletter will be produced with information of interesting Updated Activities etc. on Phuket Island.

The Executive Chairman continued, said that this Serving Center idea is in lined with the Government Sector Project of Damrong Dhamma Center who brought up and started the “Traffy Fondue” platform in Phuket for the benefit of the public, in abling them to Report repairs of city management services, all kind of Complaints. Besides, platform gives advices and provides useful information to the public efficiently with convenience as well.

PPC Creates a Balance of Act in Private Sectors reassuring Foreign Investors who are interested to invest on the Island Legally and with PPC facilitating, they will be treated equally with fairness by Government Officials.

Such Balance of Act will encourage more investment in the area and hope that PPC will be a Prototype model of a “One Stop Service” that will encourage other Provinces in the country to develop further more with such model.

Foreigners who wish to use such services must Apply for Membership with PPC paying an Initial Fee of 40,000 baht for Silver Card Membership, 70,000 baht for Gold Card Membership and 100,000 baht for Platinum Card Membership. Members’ Benefits and Services will vary card wise as per specified conditions.

This Project is in lined with the Policy of Chamber of Commerce that aims to promote and support Private Businessmen, to create alliances with investors and encourage more investment in the area and above all, to prevent all kind of problems that may occur in investing as well.

Promotion : Apply as a member of Phuket Privilege Card (PPC) from now till April 30th ,2024, the member will get a Free membership of Phuket Chamber of Commerce as well.

Remark : The organization reserves right on the terms and conditions. For more information visit or Call +66 91 698 5559