Phuket: March 28, 2024, at 10:30 a.m. at the Tee Kong Tua (Tian Kong) Shrine, Soi Thep Anusorn, Wichit subdistrict, Muang, Phuket, Mr. Suthep Anekthumpinit, representative of the shrine, received a donation of land plot measuring 1 rai 23 square wah from the Theppabutr family for the establishment of Tee Kong Tua foundation and the construction of a new shrine, including statues of various deities such as the revered deity “Yok Ong Song Tae” (Gengxiang Hongteh) and other deities.

Currently, the Tee Kong Tua foundation has been working on constructing a new shrine to replace the old one, to house the statues of deities for worship and benefit the general public.

Tee Kong Tua Shrine is located in Ban Laem Chan, Moo 2, Wichit subdistrict, Muang, Phuket. It is another ancient shrine that has been associated with Thai – Chinese descent people in Phuket. The history of this shrine began with the Chinese immigrants who came to work in the mining industry in Phuket. They gathered together and invited the powder of the Chinese deities and the carved stone plaque with the name of Yok Ong Song Tae from China. They then constructed a shrine known as Tee Kong Tua Shrine for worship and ceremonial rituals according to their inherited beliefs. This place has been a spiritual center for the community from the past to the present.

The Tee Kong Tua Shrine, or the Shrine of Yok Ong Song Tae, has Yok Ong Song Tae God as the main deity of the shrine. It appoints the deity Hian Tien Song Tae to preside over various ceremonies, such as the worship ceremony for Thie Kong Chae (or the birthday worship of Yok Ong Song Tae), which falls on the 9th night of the 1st month in the Chinese calendar (Jia Ngoey Choey Gao) every year.