“Thailand Biennale” is a national-level art festival of Thailand held every 2 years since 2018. It follows the traditional format inherited from the international contemporary art festival, the ‘Venice Biennale’, which has been held every 2 years since 1895. Thailand was first invited to participate in exhibiting artworks in 2003, and the format was adopted to organize the Thailand Biennale for the first time in 2018 in Krabi province under the theme ‘Edge of Wonderland’. Subsequently, in 2020, it was held in Nakhon Ratchasima province under the theme ‘Butterflies Frolicking on the Mud: Engendering Sensible Capital’.

Biennale – A large-scale international art exhibition that occurs every 2 years. It is an Italian word used to honor the origin of this type of event. It began in Venice, Italy, in 1895, and since then, art festivals showcasing the landscape of the international art scene have been organized by various countries. Another event you may have heard of is the Bangkok Art Biennale or BAB, organized privately. As for Thailand Biennale, it is organized by a government agency, the Ministry of Culture (MOC), through the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC).


Thailand Biennale Chiang Rai, the 3rd edition, took place from December 9, 2023 to April 30, 2024, under the theme ‘Thailand Biennale, Chiang Rai 2023: The Open World.’ Inspired by the ancient ‘World-Opening Buddha’ statue at Wat Pa Sak, Chiang Saen District, the event had selected artworks from 60 artists representing 23 countries worldwide.

It attracted over 5 million visitors and created more than 8,000 job opportunities. This also had a positive impact on the overall economy and generated a circulation of at least 3 billion baht in Chiang Rai province and other northern provinces of Thailand over the course of 5 months. Additionally, there were academic seminars, cultural tourism promotion activities, workshops, and exhibitions across 13 pavilions, as well as open houses for artists in various districts of Chiang Rai province.

For Thailand Biennale Phuket 2025, it is scheduled to take place between December 2025 to April 2026 under the theme ‘Thailand Biennale Phuket 2025: The Never-Ending Journey’ on Phuket Island. The event aims to showcase art in all four main areas, totaling 61 locations, including 22 areas in Mueang District, 9 areas in Thalang District, 5 areas in Kathu District, and 25 artist villages, following the concept of living art and Public Art Landmarks. The goal is to attract over 5 million tourists, generate revenue of 40 billion baht, and create over 15,000 jobs over the course of 5 months, promoting Phuket Island’s development with a Landscape of Art, New Art & Culture Exhibition Space, and Art in Communities featuring permanent artworks. This aims to reimagine Phuket as a city of sustainable cultural value, and Phuket Island will become a ‘World Art & Culture Tourism Destination’ in the future.

Photos and information: Phuket Provincial Public Relations Office