June 5th of every year is World Environment Day, established by the United Nations to raise awareness about global environmental crises. This initiative began with a major conference held in Stockholm from June 5-16, 1972, known as the “UN Conference on the Human Environment.” The conference was attended by over 1,200 delegates from 113 countries and observed by more than 1,500 representatives from governmental agencies, the United Nations, and various media outlets.

The conference resulted in several agreements, such as the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Governments worldwide adopted agreements from this conference to create environmental agencies in their own countries. To commemorate the beginning of international cooperation on environmental issues, the United Nations declared June 5th as World Environment Day.

In Thailand, the Promotion and Preservation of Environmental Quality Act was enacted in 1975, leading to the establishment of the Office of the National Environment Board on February 12, 1975. This marked a significant milestone in Thailand’s environmental efforts. In 1992, the structure of the Office of the National Environment Board was reorganized into three agencies: 1. Pollution Control Department, 2. Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, and 3. Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, under the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment.

But let’s not make June 5th the only day we consider the environment. We can make every day like World Environment Day.

What can we do for our planet? Let’s take a look.

  • Carry reusable bags – Reduce the use of single-use plastic, which has a short lifespan but takes a long time to decompose. Burning plastic causes air pollution, contributes to global warming, and releases dioxins, which are carcinogens. Switch to using cloth bags when shopping or using recycled bags to significantly reduce plastic bag consumption.
  • Eco-friendly transportation – Reduce air pollution caused by carbon dioxide emissions and exhaust fumes by decreasing the use of personal vehicles. Use public transportation, cycle, or walk to work for better health and a healthier environment.
  • Plant trees – Trees purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Planting a tree or two whenever possible can lead to a significant increase in the number of trees over time.
  • Turn off and unplug – A simple way to help the planet is to turn off lights and unplug electrical appliances when not in use. This helps reduce pollution, conserve energy, and save on utility bills.
  • Shop sustainably – Choose organic products and buy items with natural packaging or minimal plastic.
  • Eat sustainably – Opt for a vegetarian diet, as livestock farming contributes to global warming. Research indicates that reducing meat consumption by 90% can help mitigate climate change. Eating more vegetables and going meat-free for even one day can improve health and help the environment.
  • Raise awareness – Foster habits and environmental awareness in yourself and those around you. Encourage others to care more about the planet and share ways to protect it. Our small actions can collectively preserve this big world if we all work together.

See? We don’t need to wait for World Environment Day to love the planet. If we incorporate these recommended practices into our daily lives, we are essentially loving the Earth every day. Let’s love the Earth together!

  • Source:  forest.go.th และ greenpeace.org