SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing traffic to your website through various methods. In short, it is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher on search engine results pages, aiming to make your website appear as the top result or on the first page of Google search. Typically, websites that appear at the top of search engine results, especially the first few pages, are often clicked more frequently than those below or on subsequent pages.

The goals of SEO are varied, such as image search, video search, but the most commonly used in our daily lives is Web Search. Simply put, SEO is a battle among various webmasters to vie for top positions in search engine results from various well-known search engines, with keywords being the primary weapon.

Benefits of doing SEO

The benefits of doing SEO are simple: it increases the chances of people visiting our website. When more people visit, it increases the likelihood of people getting to know the brand, making purchases, or contacting us for business. Therefore, it’s a reason why every business shouldn’t miss out on doing SEO, especially in the digital age where everyone searches for what they need through various search engines.

And what are the steps to do SEO?

As mentioned, SEO is about optimizing the website to be compatible with search engines. This optimization includes:

  • Content creation
  • Website design
  • Technical adjustments
  • Building credibility for the website

The more the website is optimized for search engines (Search Engine) or Google, the better the chance for the website to rank well on that particular Search Engine.

In addition, optimizing websites to rank on Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) is also a method to reach customers that aligns with current consumer behaviors. Whether it’s purchasing products, choosing a service provider or restaurant, planning a trip, or encountering any issues, people tend to search for information on their own before almost every action. This presents an opportunity for brands to naturally reach people, attract customers organically, rather than engaging in marketing tactics that might make the target audience feel intrusive.

Why Businesses Should Invest in SEO

  1. SEO meets the demands of customer search behavior. Nowadays, people often search for information to aid their decision-making process before making any purchases. This process is quicker than physically going to a store and inquiring. Therefore, investing in SEO or optimizing websites to rank well enables customers to encounter the website, read content, gather information, and make decisions. This effectively caters to the current consumer behavior, increasing sales opportunities, sometimes without the need for sales personnel to actively engage.
  2. Accessing the ‘Right Target Audience’: People search for things they are interested in or want information about. Therefore, if they come across content from a business website, it indicates that they may have a problem that our business could help with, or they may be interested in finding solutions to that particular issue. Businesses can then insert product or service offerings as solutions, increasing sales opportunities more effectively than mass marketing.
  3. SEO is a cost-effective and sustainable marketing strategy. The cost of SEO is significantly lower compared to campaign-based marketing or reliance on advertising, where advertising budgets are generally high. Additionally, achieving a high search engine ranking through website optimization can continually attract new customers to the business without the need for additional spending. It only requires maintaining the ranking, which requires less effort, time, and budget compared to advertising or planning new sales-stimulating campaigns.

Components of SEO

The components of SEO include various tasks such as creating content that appeals to both readers and algorithms (Algorithm or the learning processing system of the Search Engine), as well as technical website optimization that enables Search Engines to understand the website content and select it for presentation to searchers.

The components of SEO consist of:

  1. On-page SEO refers to optimizing our own website for SEO, which involves various tasks. The primary objectives of On-page SEO include making the website useful and user-friendly, and adjusting the website so that the Search Engine’s Crawl Bot can easily and clearly understand the content on the web pages. This is done to increase the chances of the Bot selecting and ranking our website well.
  2. Off-page SEO refers to SEO done from other websites using a technique called ‘Backlinking,’ where other websites provide links back to our website. The benefits of Backlinking or Off-page SEO include allowing Google’s Crawler Bot to see the relevance of the content by studying the websites that provide the links and also increasing the Authority score or credibility of the website through recommendations or references from other websites.
  3. Technical SEO involves adjusting the technical aspects of a website to improve its basic structure, making it easier for Crawl Bots to explore and understand what each component of the website is. This includes optimizing the website for better performance, ensuring users can navigate smoothly and quickly. Technical SEO is an essential component of SEO that relies on technical expertise and coding.

In summary, is SEO necessary for businesses? Should we hire a good SEO agency?

Certainly, since SEO involves optimizing a website to rank high on search engines like Google, increasing the chances of your business being discovered, it’s considered a vital marketing strategy for accurately reaching target audiences. In the digital era, it’s crucial for businesses to utilize SEO as a key strategy for online marketing, as it helps customers better understand the products and services offered, aligning with the inbound approach that matches people’s behavior of searching for information before making decisions. Furthermore, SEO yields sustainable results, continuously bringing customers to the business and requiring a smaller marketing budget compared to traditional marketing methods.

The method we’ve shared as mentioned earlier is something you can do yourself, which isn’t too difficult. However, sometimes SEO requires in-depth analysis or considerable time. Using an SEO agency service is another worthwhile option that can help produce better SEO results and save a significant amount of time.

The benefits of hiring an SEO Agency:

  • SEO Agencies conduct detailed analysis of website structures, including Technical, On-Page, and Off-Page aspects, to optimize the website structure for the best SEO practices.
  • They analyze competitors in the business field thoroughly. To achieve first-page rankings, it’s essential to analyze competitors with higher rankings to set them as targets. SEO Agencies have comprehensive tools for competitor analysis.
  • An SEO Agency is a hub of professional SEO practitioners, with teams of experts experienced in working with large businesses. This enables them to solve problems and work efficiently.

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