Many new businesses emerge nowadays, and most of them focus on marketing through social media platforms. But did you know that even though you have pages or storefronts on social media platforms, having your own website is still crucial?

Because even though social media channels can easily and quickly reach customers, relying solely on these platforms is like borrowing someone else’s nose to breathe. It’s a risk that you can’t control and a risk to entrust your life and business to others. Today, let’s understand the important reasons for having your own website:

1. Website is the foundation of your business: Websites are the cornerstone of your online presence, allowing customers and partners to easily find information about your organization anytime, whether it’s information about products, services, or related data. You can use the website to make yourself searchable through various search engines.

2. Establish credibility for your business: A well-designed website with quality content helps build credibility for your organization. Customers will be impressed and see your organization as professional and expert.

3. True ownership of your business: The website is something you control and own. You can update and change content, formats, and features as needed, just like your own home that you can modify anytime.

4. Additional business tools: Websites serve as good communication channels between organizations and customers, providing information, news, services, and products to customers at all times.

5. Convenient connection to other platforms: Having a website allows you to connect with numerous other platforms. Once you’ve mastered connecting with other platforms, you can even automate your system in some steps.

Therefore, having a company website not only meets the needs of customers but also reinforces trust and confidence in your organization. Most importantly, a website is another valuable asset in the digital world that can complement the use of other channels such as social media and various platforms, making it a good and sustainable integration in the long run.

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