Nowadays, besides utilizing various technologies for communication, the issuance of important business documents is another area where technology proves highly beneficial. Whether it’s conducting transactions, placing orders, issuing quotations, invoices, or receipts, technology plays a crucial role in eliminating the need for paper. If paper is necessary, it is used minimally and only to the extent required.

Therefore, the Revenue Department has developed the Electronic Tax Invoice/Receipt System (e-Tax: e-Invoice & e-Receipt), which is the transformation of various tax documents from “paper” format to “electronic” format to promote e-Commerce. This initiative is carried out under the Electronic Transactions Act B.E. 2544.

The creation and submission of electronic tax invoices (e-Tax Invoice) and electronic receipts (e-Receipt) under the ‘National e-Payment’ project are developed to facilitate and streamline the process of tax invoice preparation, as well as reporting financial transactions and tax submission when payments are made through the e-Payment system. This helps reduce time and steps for the private sector in document preparation and tax payment.

The most apparent benefits of transitioning to e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt are the cost reduction, including:

  1. Cost reduction in document preparation, paper usage, and time.
  2. Cost reduction in document delivery to relevant parties.
  3. Cost reduction in storage space, eliminating the need for office space or document storage facilities and reducing management and search efforts.

Moreover, the private sector can adopt various document issuance systems within their organizations and communicate with customers, enhancing convenience for both organizations, companies, partners, and customers alike.

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