A website is like the storefront of every business. Besides having an attractive appearance to attract customers, it also needs to meet functional requirements. However, in addition to considering the aforementioned factors when creating a website, there are also things to avoid in order to make your website more efficient and appealing.

This is the 5 things you should be cautious about when building a website:

1. Slow Website Loading: Including too much data, including numerous videos and images, may slow down the website loading speed, discouraging customers from waiting to access your website. It may also lead Google to rank your website lower.

2. Lack of Responsive Design: Nowadays, it’s essential to create a responsive website to accommodate various types of smartphones, allowing users to access your website from anywhere.

3. Using General Keywords: It’s advisable to include interesting content rather than excessive keywords that may result in grammatically incorrect and confusing sentences.

4. Using Hard-to-Read Fonts: It’s recommended to use easily readable and eye-friendly fonts. Using difficult-to-read fonts may discourage people from engaging with your website.

5. Excessive Advertisements: Including too many ads can immediately turn visitors away from your website. Consider the efficiency and quantity of advertisements on your website.

Creating an efficient and engaging website is something that requires careful attention to design. If you follow the aforementioned recommendations, it will help increase traffic to your website and gain popularity on Google.

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