When speaking of AI, a program that people are often familiar with and serves as a clear example of AI is ChatGPT, which is a generative AI that greatly aids people’s work. For instance, it helps in creating various types of content by generating new material from multiple sources, making tasks more convenient and easier. Because of this, there is a continuous effort to design more advanced AI systems to assist in various tasks.

The innovations worth keeping an eye on are as follows:

  • Generative AI – Suitable for creating content that attracts viewers very well.
  • AI Trust, Risk and Security Management – Great for data security
  • AI Argument Development – Suitable for use in developing systems or software to make it easier.
  • Intelligent Application – Suitable for developing innovative applications.
  • Augmented-Connected Workforce – Suitable for developing human labor to the maximum benefit by analyzing each person’s efficiency.
  • Continuous Threat Exposure Management – Ideal for real-time protection against hackers or scammers.
  • Machine Customer – Suitable for use as an intermediary in automated business matters.
  • Sustainable Technology – Suitable for using renewable energy with minimal impact on nature.
  • Platform Engineering – Suitable for creating and designing through digital platforms.
  • Industry Cloud Platform – Suitable for large industrial organizations that require a lot of storage space.

All the innovations mentioned, if not applied, may require significant resources and labor to achieve certain tasks. Compared to these future innovations, which will reduce labor and resource usage, they are highly beneficial and significantly enhance work efficiency.

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