If you want to create an e-book, try to think about how we should design its appearance and typography. Of course, while the content of the book is of paramount importance, it’s also true that design and the fonts used are equally significant. Not only do they make your book look better, but they can also attract readers and keep them engaged until the end.

Recommended fonts, free download:

  • Arabica – This font is handmade in that the curved lines of the letters are unique and shaped like coffee beans.


  • SanamDeklen – As the name suggests, this font gives you a childish style. If you want to write something fun or cheerful, this font is another choice.


  • Waffle – This font is a dessert shop style font, suitable for cute and fashion lovers.


  • Kruengprung – This font was developed by “Superstorefont” This font is a handwritten style. Moreover, the letters have the feel of a classic pen line.


Recommended fonts, free download but for commercial use, a support fee of 500 THB applies.

  • PrintAble4U – It is a standard headless font that can be used in a variety of ways, the font is easy to read, and covers all uses.


  • FC SaveSpace – It is a space-saving font that can use space efficiently while still maintaining its beauty.


  • FC Candy – This is a font that is inspired by sweets. The font gives the impression of cute sweets.


● FC Palette – This font takes on a personal, playful feel. The font is colorful and fun.


These recommended fonts each have their own unique style. Therefore, if you are going to produce a book, you might want to explore various fonts and try out different styles until you find the one that feels right. Using fonts in book production also reflects your style and taste. Enjoy creating your E-Book!

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Source: specphone.com and startupnow.in.th