On a clear beautiful sky with the nice weather and sunny day, we think you are probably looking for new check-in spots, taking beautiful photos to share on social media, and one of the hottest check-in spots on social media right now is the old Dolomite mine, called “Tham Thonglang”, located in Thap Put District, Phang Nga.

Today, we would like to show you our magnificent photos from this place, and learn with us to see how the lagoon in Tham Thonglang mine turned into a clear blue color, resembling the beauty of lakes like in other countries. It’s almost unbelievable that such a place exists in Thailand.

Tham Thonglang Cave is an old Dolomite mine, located along the road to Khao Tamnorn Village, Moo 1, and Nai Wang Village Moo 4, Tham Thonglang sub-district, Thap Put District, Phang Nga. This place is situated on a large, long, and deep lagoon by the mountain side, with traces of quarrying. The depth of the lagoon’s edge is approximately 10-20 meters, while the initial depth of the water is estimated to be about 80-100 meters. On one side of the lagoon, there is a beautiful line of trees arranged neatly, while on the other side there is a steep mountain edge, which can be somewhat dangerous for people not paying attention while taking photos.

The bright blue color of the water in the lagoon comes after a significant amount of minerals were mined, the remaining area turned into a large pond. The water that remains mixes with various minerals in the soil, resulting in a bright blue color in the midst of the hills, similar to lakes in foreign countries.

However, for friends who want to visit, please be aware that this is a private property, and entry is not allowed without permission (entry is allowed with permission). Once you can get inside, please help maintain the environment’s cleanliness and condition. Most importantly, take care of your safety and the safety of those who accompany you.

We hope you enjoy your beautiful day there.

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/J8d5GnuBV4LP94mG9