June marks the official start of the rainy season, although this year, until the middle of the month, the rain may not have arrived in full force yet. It’s fortunate for travelers to enjoy the beautiful clear skies and sparkling seas. However, if you happen to encounter rain during your trip to Phuket, where should you go instead? Today, we’ll introduce 8 rainy-day destinations in Phuket that are both interesting and informative. Let’s see where we can go!

  1. Phuket Thaihua Museum  – A place to learn about the history of Phuket, providing knowledge from the establishment of Phuket city, the origins of Phuket people, as well as the origins of various local foods.

2. Phuket Aquarium or Aquaria Phuket  – A center for learning and exhibiting various species of aquatic animals, including both freshwater and marine animals, with over 130 species, including many rare fish.

  1. Aquaria Phuket – Located inside Central Phuket, Floresta, this is the largest aquarium in Thailand, with over 7 million liters of seawater and more than 51,000 aquatic animals from 300 species.
  1. Phuket Trickeye Museum – An art museum featuring a collection of numerous 3D paintings that allow visitors to interact with realistic-looking artworks.
  1. Phuket Dolphinarium – Witness the abilities, intelligence, and playfulness of dolphins and seals, providing entertainment for families on weekends.
  1. Phuket Peranakan Museum or Phuket Thai Hua Museum – A new museum located in the Yellow Mansion of Phuket at the corner of Charter Bank, providing a learning space for Phuket residents and tourists through technology and creative activities.
  1. Phuket Community Hall Art Museum – The Phuket Community Hall Art Museum (Salad Pracha Kom) showcases artworks and disseminates art knowledge to the public, serving as a learning center for the arts and culture of Phuket Province.
  1. Thalang National Museum, Phuket – Exhibits Thai history and culture, the historical development of the Andaman Sea and Phuket, as well as the history, culture, and establishment of Phuket locals.

Apart from the places we’ve mentioned, Phuket also boasts temples, beautiful traditional houses, and various leading shopping malls, allowing everyone to have an impressive day out during this upcoming rainy season. Therefore, if you visit Phuket during the rainy season, there’s no need to worry. We can still enjoy happiness with new experiences in Phuket just as much as any other time.