Today, the world has advanced significantly. This can be seen in things we once only saw in movies or imagined through books, things we once thought were impossible. However, with rapidly developing technology, what was once just an idea or imagination can now become reality. These innovations are making life in the modern era more convenient.

Today, let’s talk about some additional exciting new innovations. Let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Air Car or Flying car innovation

Flying cars, many of us might have been seen in movies. Several technology companies have tested flying cars that can actually be used in real life. These cars are designed for versatile use and can carry up to 200 kilograms per flight. They are also designed to be autonomously driven without a driver and use electric power as their main energy source.

  • Metaconomy virtual city innovation

The development of the virtual world, or Metaverse, may often be mentioned, but in 2023, the arrival of the Metaconomy will be a significant milestone. The Metaconomy combines the Metaverse with the economy, evolving the existing concept into new innovations. It transforms the virtual world into a micro-economy space, differing from the Metaverse, which is used on social media platforms. The virtual world using the Metaconomy system will help enhance economic growth, such as in the tourism, hotel, and airline industries, allowing everyone to engage with the space and generate income similar to the real world.

  • SuperApp innovation brings everything together in one place

A SuperApp consolidates various user needs into a single application. Nowadays, people use smartphones with numerous applications. An example of this is Line, which not only serves as a communication tool but also allows users to order food and book rides.

The innovations mentioned are just popular examples at the moment. There are many other innovations in various fields that will soon become a part of everyday life for people. And certainly, development will continue endlessly.


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