Laem Promthep, or Promthep Cape in English, is situated at the southernmost tip of Phuket Province, offering breathtaking panoramic views and being a highly popular spot to witness the sunset. It is also the location of the Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse. 

At the tip of Laem Promthep, known as Laem Chao, the area extends into the sea and features a distinctive group of tall palm trees. Laem Promthep is recognized as one of the wonders of Thailand’s 12-month, 7-star tourism project and is renowned for being the most beautiful sunset viewpoint in the country.

Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse, Promthep Cape

This white concrete lighthouse stands at a height of 19 meters (62 feet) with a light focal height of 95 meters above sea level (41 kilometers). The Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse was constructed by the Royal Thai Navy and the people of Phuket to celebrate the completion of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 50th year of reign in the Buddhist year 2539.

Besides its naval navigation benefits, it has become a significant tourist attraction in Phuket. Information from the Naval Base Fire Directory indicates that the lighthouse was established on April 12, 2539 Buddhist Era, in the area of Laem Phra Chao (another name for Laem Promthep)

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