Ranong is one of the 6 provinces located on the Andaman Sea coast of the southern region. It has an area of ​​approximately 2,141,250 acres. To the east, it borders Chumphon province, to the south it borders Surat Thani and Phang Nga provinces, and to the west it borders Myanmar and the Andaman Sea. The area is narrow and elongated, with a length of up to 200 kilometers. The narrowest area is in the Kra Buri district, which is only 9 kilometers wide.

Ranong is another province with a long history dating back to the Ayutthaya period. Originally a small town adjacent to Chumphon, the name ‘Ranong’ derives from the word ‘Ranong’ due to the abundant minerals in the province. Additionally, Ranong is renowned for its hot mineral springs, a popular destination for tourists to enjoy.

Today, let’s take a tour to explore the history of Ranong province during a certain period at the Ranong Governor’s Camp. Let’s get to know this historical site together.

Constructed during the time of Phraya Damrong Sujarit Mahisornphakdi (Khaw Soo Cheang), Ranong’s Governor Camp was built by Phraya Damrong Sujarit Mahisarapakdi (Khaw Sim Kong), Khaw Soo Cheang’s second son, as a retreat for his father, round 1877 after the Chinese rebellion. It covers an area of 0.053 sq km within the vicinity of Ranong Municipality.

At present, it has been registered a historical site by the Department of Fine Arts in the general journal, issue on date 18 December 1996.

Interesting in the camp are 4 generation shrines of Na Ranong descendants, with the sign written in Hokkien, read as Kao-Yang which means “Sublime Sun”. The place was full of noblemen, riches and gilt metals given by Prince Damrong Rajanubhab, King Rama IV’s son. There is an inscribed stone granted as an honour by King Rama V. Within the camp are historical archives of Na Ranong family, whose historical importance goes hand in hand with Ranong’s prosperity.

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